#063 Thoughts On Money-Back Guarantees

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I understand why Money-Back Guarantees can cause some anxiety. 

I've felt it myself in the past - but the "Worst Case Scenario" that we all imagine from putting a solution out there for our audience and making them feel safe to try it...

Really, that Worst Case Scenario comes from not understanding the psychology of people who want to buy your products, what a refund rate ACTUALLY represents (generally not a bunch of unhappy customers)...

And why it's so important for you to make a bit of a 'big deal' out of your refund policy. 

Confidence matters. I know you - you're a health expert and you have my respect because I know the pride we take in our work. I know if you put something out to market, it will be good. 

Money-Back Guarantees are not there to provide an avenue for people to rip you off - they're a tool in your marketing message to make your audience feel safe...

Not because they don't believe in you, but because they don't believe in themselves. 

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