#062 Joe Pulizzi - Content Marketing Masterclass

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Content Marketing is the cornerstone and centrepiece of your online presence as a wellness or health expert. 

The man who coined this concept way back in 2001 and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi, joins me on the show this week for a mini-Masterclass on what you need to know about Content Marketing!

We covered:

- What is Content Marketing – and how did Joe come to be known as the Godfather of this particular field?

- The three pillars that make up the “Base” of your Content Marketing strategy

- What’s the actual goal of Content Marketing, and what do we try to achieve when we’re doing it?

- The BEST type of content that you can create to establish and position yourself as a trusted expert authority

- The Content Tilt: How to find your differentiation that allows you to stand out from the crowd

- Can you focus on a niche audience that’s TOO small?

- The difference between marketing to an AVATAR vs a PERSONA (or what I would call a “Situation”) – and what you can learn from a concert by Pink!

- The importance of STORIES and how they’re the WHAT of your content marketing to a persona

- When giving yourself permission to FAIL with content marketing often speeds up how quickly you can build your audience, brand & monetise

- Joe’s homework for you!

You can get a copy of Joe's book Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses here!

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