#061 Copywriting Basics

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Do you know what copywriting really is, why it's important or how to do it properly?

It's a written marketing message that encourages a 'direct response' - such as 'click on this ad' or 'register for this webinar' or 'buy this product'...

And it's one of the most important tools and skills that an online health expert must master. While it's not easy, and it's certainly not natural, it's actually not that hard to make great improvements in your writing, your engagement and your conversion with these four steps:

1. Write with only ONE specific idea or message in mind

2. Headline is everything - grab attention, interest the audience and get people to keep reading

3. Use the Four P's as your structure - Present, Promise, Premise & Push

4. Make your copywriting READABLE!

(Plus there are two bonus tips for you at the end!)

It's ok to be uncertain or to feel like a rookie when you first start paying attention to this field - but with a little practice, a little focus and a little savviness you can quickly leap from 'Amateur' to 'Pretty Damn Good' in no time!

Hosted by David White of thedavidwhite.com

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