#060 Carly Rowena - Crushing YouTube & Instagram

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How hard do you think it is to get hundreds of thousands of people to follow you on Instagram or Youtube?

It's certainly not easy (which also means it's not impossible and you can do it too!)...

BUT there are some key things that have helped Carly Rowena build a huge business and brand that reaches & serves hundreds of thousands. 

Mental toughness, always working on your craft, not stressing the money side of things and expecting to be ROI-Positive in the first few steps of the journey have seen Carly become a huge leader in the fitness space. 

So, SO much to model from what she's doing online with content distribution, micro-content, consistency & engagement!

We spoke about:

- Why you DON’T need a degree in marketing to build a huge online business

- How Carly built a food & fashion “X-Factor” YouTube channel into 400k subscribers... from her iPhone

- Using The Law Of Attraction to bring your audience to you by thinking about THEM, rather than YOURSELF

- What entrepreneurs can learn about mental toughness from CrossFit athletes and how that mindset will serve you in your business

- The importance of always working on your craft and improving your skills – whether you’re just starting out or with thousands of followers

- Carly’s content distribution method and how she stays in front of her followers all the time, on all platforms (this is GREAT to model!)

- Micro-Content on Instagram – how this is done and why it works so well

- Is it a realistic goal for a relative newbie to online marketing to be an “Influencer?”

- Why you shouldn’t allow money to be your prime motivator – and why your best work comes from being motivated to simply do a good job for your followers

- The hardest and most important lessons that Carly has learnt in her years online (consistency, engagement & a strong message are huge!)

- Carly’s homework for you!

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