#059 Dr Jess O'Reilly - How I Built My Online Business

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Having a personal brand, making your audience feel BETTER and leveraging 'new media'... 

Three things that Dr Jessica O'Reilly, sexologist and host of the Sex with Dr Jess podcast, has leveraged to build her online business and huge & loyal following. 

If you've ever thought that it might be hard to take *your* health message online, Dr Jess shares what it was like for her in the early days talking about the personal and intimate subjects a sexologist covers...

Why being happy with her mission and values has helped her transcend the fear of speaking to a larger audience...

And why making people feel better about themselves, their bodies and where they're at is the best business-building strategy of them all. 

We covered:

- Why the greatest gift you can give to your audience is to make them feel better about themselves and the health challenge that they’re facing

- Dr Jessica’s definition of branding (one of the best marketing ideas I’ve ever heard, by the way!)

- How to deal with haters

- Why it’s important to get comfortable with being yourself (even when that upsets people – it’s inevitable!)

- Three business strategies that Dr Jess learned early on that helped her growth and popularity

- When making your entire business helping people feel better, rather than about ‘a big goal’ like weight los, is the ultimate strategy

- Why you don’t need to position yourself as the ‘perfect expert’ in order to get your message across and position yourself as a trusted authority

- How ‘flying blind’ in beginning her online business helped Dr Jess be much more engaged and learn faster in the early days

- Why it’s important for entrepreneurs to have a support group and speak with people who are going through the same troubles as you

- 3 signs of a healthy business that indicate when you’re on the right track with your online efforts!

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