#058 David Risley - Blogging 101

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Did you know that your blog is like your businesses' online virtual 'storefront'? And that whether you write blog posts, or have a podcast or YouTube channel, this is one of the most important aspects to your business?

David Risley of BlogMarketingAcademy.com joins me today for a masterclass on Blogging - covering not only how to write great posts and come up with good content...

But how to structure the layout and system of your actual blog, regardless of what kind of content you post there. 

We discussed...

- Is it too late to start a blog?

- The difference between a BLOG (or a podcast or YouTube channel) and an actual business

- Why a headline is often the make-or-break criteria of whether a blog post will ever get read (and how to use a SECOND headline to increase engagement!)

- The difference between content you create for a blog (or podcast or YouTube channel) vs that which goes into your products and coaching

- Why it’s important to know the basics of having a blog – even if you’re podcasting or making videos instead of writing blog posts

- What “Pillar Content” is, it’s role within your business and how to make one (EXAMPLE from Dave Risley: 2017 Ultimate Blog Traffic Guide)

- Why it’s important to have a content calendar – and how to make one for yourself!

- Categories & tags for blogging and idea-generation for your content

- How to use the Redwood strategy to always have new content (even when you don’t have inspiration for a new topic idea)

- Should you have Google Adsense on your website?

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