#056 Top Biz Takeaways - Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuk

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How the heck DO you build your brand on social media? Do you even need a brand, and should you be everywhere at once?

If anyone knows the answers to this, it's Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk - social media marketing expert and one of the most recognisable personalities in digital marketing. 

What do you need to know for your health business from Crushing It! and what should you actually start doing now to accelerate your growth?

Here are my top 6 Biz Takeaways:

- There is a difference between MACRO content and MICRO content...

& the work you do one time to create a blog, video or podcast can - and should - serve you for weeks on social media 

- There are 3 things that Gary Vee says all really financially successful entrepreneurs online have in common...

How many of those do you know that are universally present in health experts - and what do you need to learn or take heart from?

- Get comfortable speaking about your goals in YEARS...

Not in months - and level-up your thinking. If you're playing the long game, a $200K/month business probably isn't as unachievable as you think. 


& why the way you feel and think needs to be totally different from the way you act... (There's magic in this friction)

- Fear & The Entrepreneur.

There are different kinds of fear, and they require a different response. What a concept - some of yours are very valid, but they all require a coping strategy. 

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