#055 Dr John Demartini - How To Be An Inspired Businessperson

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Where are you supposed to find the inspiration and energy to do the work to build your business? From within, of course!

A true hero and mentor of mine, Dr John Demartini, joins us on the show to speak about how aligning your goals with your values, keeping space for gratitude and remembering "Equanimity Theory" will keep you inspired in your efforts to build your business. 

We spoke about:

- An important clarity-building question from Dr Demartini around what your business is actually dedicated to

- The power of GRATITUDE to keep you grounded, centred and in control through the highs and lows of business

- Why SELLING is the same as CARING

- How to eliminate the need for motivation in your life and business-building activities

- The importance of knowing your values, abiding by them and aligning your goals with them

- Why becoming great at you chosen field means you’ve got to narrow down exactly what that involves, stick to it and delegate the rest away

- The one question that will allow you to knuckle down and do the deep business work that might not really inspire you, but help you grow…

- (and the hundreds of answers that mean you’ll never need motivation again)

- How to be embody the right state to be a better coach and leader for your audience and maximise your financial potential

- Getting over the fear of speaking, being seen and putting yourself out there with your message

- Dr Demartini’s advice for YOU to become a better health expert (yes, he’s giving advice on this!) by using “Applied Physiology”

Hosted by David White of thedavidwhite.com

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