#054 My 6 Business Philosophies (What I Believe)

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So for Mark Fisher's podcast interview earlier this week I was doing my normal prepwork & research...

Looking through his website, old blogs & YouTube videos that I found, and I stumbled across this post he wrote called "Mark Fisher's 15 Rules For Business Success", and I thought to myself...

What a great idea to let people get to know you better, discover what you're all about and be more engaged with what other things that you have to share on your website or with your content. 

So, for those of you who are perversely curious (as Mark would say), here are my top 6 business philosophies & beliefs...

Philosophy #1: You’re probably a lot smarter than you really give yourself credit for

Philosophy #2: Have real vision and clarity for EVERYTHING about your business.

Philosophy #3: If you are pulling your punches in ANY way in your professional career out of concern or anticipation over what someone MIGHT say, you’re literally writing them a cheque for all the good things that could come to you, or that YOU could bring to someone else.

Philosophy #4: Commit and obsess over your real goals 

Philosophy #5: Make the journey fun and pleasurable and enjoyable for YOU

Philosophy #6: Think like a real professional and a real entrepreneur when you’re building your business. 

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