#053 Mark Fisher - Your Unfiltered Self in Business

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How much of your business online is about your health knowledge and expertise, and how much is about YOU as a person?

You've heard many people before on this show say that they're both vitally important - but bringing your unique, unfiltered self and sharing who you REALLY are is easier said than done. 

Mark Fisher, today's guest and an amazingly nutty & special human, joins me on the show to talk about how he's been able to do that with his gyms, Mark Fisher Fitness - and I tell you what...

People frickin' love him for being different to the 'normal expert' they'd expect - just like people will love you for being yourself. 

We spoke about:

- How to define and express a strong business culture by getting clear on your values around health

- What Mark learnt from a $15,000 coaching certification about the way people need information presented to them so you can lead them to better results

- Why teaching health and fitness is one of the great habits that we can give people to help them take ownership over their lives

- The one thing that helped Mark massively accelerate his growth and success in life

- Why doing TOO much to demonstrate your expertise can make you totally inaccessible to some of your audience (and what to do instead)

- How to phrase your health information in a way that’s memorable to your audience and easy for them to understand

Hosted by David White of thedavidwhite.com

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