#052 Ryan Lee - Memberships & Continuity

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Q: What's the CLOSEST thing you'll ever get to guaranteed, massively scaled income that allows you to serve & grow rich on the biggest scale possible?

A: :Membership sites (AKA continuity, if you're going 'full nerd')

One of the original experts & leaders in building an online wellness or fitness business (& also a REALLY good guy) Ryan Lee is the master in all things membership sites...

And he's here to explain WHAT they are, WHY they're so amazing, HOW to make a dignified offer to your audience to join yours, WHEN you should think about launching one, and WHICH businesses are best suited to having a monthly continuity program. 

Imagine it. Waking up each day and talking about health - like you do now - but instead of reaching a few people, you reach hundreds. And they're all happy and willing to pay for it. 

Here's what we covered!

-       What a recurring revenue or continuity program actually is…

-       & the different types of deliverable you can offer

-       The sorts of businesses and customers who are best suited to membership sites – and when to avoid this strategy

-       Why every part of your strategy in creating membership sites must make sense to the customer

-       How to differentiate your continuity offering from the competition (but still give people what they want)

-       The 3 C’s of an info-based membership site (that will make people want to stay a customer of yours forever)

-       Should you start offering a membership course straight away, or try and get proof-of-concept with a low-dollar product and see if your audience will even buy from you?

-       How to explain the difference between the ‘free content’ you offer with your blog, podcast or videos and the stuff people SHOULD be paying for

-       The optimum amount of time to do a ‘trial’ offer for your membership site

HIGHLY recommend you check out Ryan's main hustle at freedym.com - lots of great articles and learnings for you there!

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