#051 Dr John Spencer Ellis - Build An Empire & Play The Long Game

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Todays' guest is one of the most influential health and fitness coaches and businesspeople of all time...

A MASTER at achievement, hitting big goals and dreams and really building something significant that allows you to make your difference...

Dr John Spencer Ellis, whose body of work is too long for this podcast intro, joins me for a masterclass on the "Empire-Building" mindset...

And how to allow yourself to play the long game, be gritty & tenacious and learn the key skills that will make a difference to your progress - especially as an online business owner. 

- Why it’s ok to be ambitious and a little bit clueless at the start of your journey building an empire

- The specific skills that JSE thinks online wellness experts need to learn

- Developing grit & motivation to continue to stick your path and play the long game – even when progress slows

- When to ignore the old Warren Buffet advice of “Say No To Almost Everything”

- How to cultivate (and protect) an “Empire” mindset and maintain massive self-belief and confidence in yourself

- Where the online health info space is going – and why there’s a NEW way to do business…

- (& why some experts have been able to build really successful businesses in a way that’s not relevant or model-able any more)

- How to find the niche you’ll specialise in

- JSE’s homework for you!

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