#050 Five Lessons Learnt From 50 Episodes

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Amazing! So this is episode number 50 of this podcast - it’s been a little over 6 short months since the show started, and I’m so appreciate and grateful to have had you all join me as listeners and supporters of this show since then. 

If you don’t know, this is actually the second podcast I’ve hosted - many years ago I had my own wellness podcast, which was awesome and a lot of fun, but I tell you what…

There’s still nothing like the excitement and anticipation and expectancy of starting something new like a podcast. Six months or so ago The Business of Health was an idea that was cooked up with a friend of mine on a coaching call - and there was one goal in mind:

To help YOU, my health and wellness expert friends who - whether I’ve been lucky enough to speak with you personally or whether we’ve exchanged emails or you’ve done one of my courses - it was all about helping YOU share your message on a larger platform. 

And so, since 50 is like a milestone number that’s maybe worth acknowledging, I’d love to share with you five insights I’ve picked up from creating this show that I hope will serve you for when you’re working towards a milestone like that of your own...

With your own podcast if that’s what you’d like to create, or if you’re blogging or making videos or doing something else - here’s what I’ve learnt from getting to episode 50 of this show:

1. Get in the game!

(And a stat I'm super proud of)

2. Consistency matters...

Not just as a metric that helps you rank better in Google or YouTube or iTunes, but because of what it says about you and your identity. 

3. Find a way to make it fun!

No matter what you're doing, find something that you really enjoy about it, that can make you happy and enthusiastic.

4. Let yourself get a little bit obsessed...

Because you'll probably find that the top 10% of achievers in any area in the world - health, business, marketing -  are probably a little bit 'obsessed' (if you look at them through the eyes of 'normal people')

5. Don't freak out about the money stuff - and NEVER let yourself worry about FOMO

Thanks for joining me for the last 50 episodes - and I look forward to serving you for another 50 more!

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