#049 Top 8 Email Subject Lines (You Can Use)

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Email Marketing is more important now than ever before!

One of the most important metrics to improve is your OPEN RATE - the percentage of people who actually open your emails, which is directly impacted by your email subject line. 

There are SIX (not five!) different types of email subject line and email body copy that you can use...

And here are the top 8 most-opened email subject lines I've used in the last few months that you can feel free to swipe, use, model, copy or deploy for yourself...

Why they worked, and how you could adapt them to your own business. 

# 1 The HUBU (& Other Dance Moves That’ll Make You Happy!)



#4 How Will You Get Email Subscribers in 2018?

#5 Side Hustle ➡️ Main Hustle

#6 How To Become The Go-To Expert

#7 Here’s How To Get Clients

#8 Should You ‘Tube?

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