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Online challenges are working really well right now in the online space, and a master of hosting these (and coaching others on how they're done) joins me today - Kane Sivesind - to chat all things challenges!

These can be deployed as stand-alone products that you can offer to your audience, or as lead-gen tools for your business. 

Just like anything else, there's a subtle art to doing these RIGHT and that includes things like the length, content, title and (perhaps most importantly) the leadership that you demonstrate in your challenge. 

We spoke about:

- Why you should consider using a challenge in your online business, and…

- The two different types of challenges you should create (and why they’re so different!)

- What the name (and specificity) of your challenge has to do with it’s success and how many people are going to take action on it!

- How challenges allow you to use marketing for its highest purpose: demonstrate that you have a real ability to help people get results (which will therefore prove that they should invest MORE in you!)

- The right amount of time for a lead-gen style challenge – and what your content should be about

- Why people are most excited about you as soon as they start your challenge – and why you shouldn’t hold back then about offering them MORE with regards to coaching or products

- The optimal length of a stand-alone challenge as a product (and how much you’re meant to charge for them)

- How to put together a teaching curriculum and framework for that challenge as a product

- Kane’s homework for you to put together a lead-gen or product style challenge!

NOTE 1: Interested in doing challenges in your business? Check out Kane’s software that helps you get it built – CoachCatalyst.com.

Highly, highly recommended - and IMO if I you're planning on doing challenges on the regular this would be the first place I think you should start.

NOTE 2: Interested in getting my Headline Swipe File that I mentioned today? Sure thing! Download it here.

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