#047 Eliminate THIS WORD From Your Marketing Message

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There's one word that, quite frankly, is a waste of space in your marketing message...

Not only that, it doesn't actually 'work'. It's an easy word for us to use, but the best marketers in the word - and some of the most successful campaigns of all time - NEVER use this word. 

The word? TRANSFORMATION. Here's what you should do the next time you find yourself using that word (or anything like it) when you're making a promise or offer to your audience:

1. Get SUPER clear on exactly where your audience wants to go

2. Relate the thing you're offering - Lead Magnet, podcast, video, product, whatever - to the things that your audience actually says they want

3. Be colourful and descriptive when you're describing where you'll take your audience with your information, wisdom and content. 

Really, REALLY colourful and descriptive...

Because if you go back and look at your goals & resolutions from January 1st, I doubt if you'll find the word TRANSFORM anywhere. 

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