#046 Scott Rawcliffe - Facebook Advertising Masterclass

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FB Advertising is more important now than ever what with the changes to their algorithm and increasing clutter & noise on all social media platforms. 

Scott Rawcliffe joins me for a full-on, in-depth masterclass on how to get Facebook Advertising to work for you in your businss. 

Yes, this is a deep and complex subject - but we're going Beginner to Advanced and leaving no stone unturned. 

You'll discover:

- Why you shouldn’t be upset if you try a marketing campaign or promotion and it fails – and how you should think about advertising on social media

- What the Facebook pixel is – and why you need to get it onto your website as soon as possible (even if you’re not running ads yet)

- Why you should look at the ability to advertise your message on platforms like Facebook as the greatest opportunity that we’ve ever had as business owners with a message to share

- What you need to know about the most basic element of any form of advertising (miss this and you’re hosed!)

- How to take advantage of Facebook’s in-built ability to help your ads perform BETTER

- The difference between copywriting for a Facebook page and what you’re supposed to write on a Landing Page

- Should you worry about whether people actually click “Like” on your ad, or is that just a vanity metric?

- How to create “Ad Scent” with your Facebook posts to increase the effectiveness of your marketing

- Scott’s 30-Day Beginner and Intermediate Level Homework Challenge for you!

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