#044 Craig Ballantyne - How To Win The Day

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Something that's very important for a health entrepreneur is the ability to Win Your Day. 

It's hard juggling different projects, learning new skills and multitasking - but what will see you move forward is your ability to use your time for it's highest and best use. 

Craig Ballantyne - master thinker in this area and a legend in the world of online wellness - joins us to share his thoughts on how to get MORE done with the time you've got. 

So much to love about this episode and what Craig has to share - including...

- Why making progress in life doesn’t always require as much discipline, motivation and sacrifice as you might think

- What Bruce Lee and Warren Buffett taught Craig about how to do LESS to accomplish MORE

- How you can think like an iPhone to stay focussed and produce at your work at a higher level

- Craig’s research on Five Pillars to Personal Transformation that you can use for yourself –and teach to your audience – to ensure greater success

- The three reasons why setting deadlines for yourself are a sure-fire way to bring yourself closer towards your goals each day

- Why you should plan out your day’s activities the night BEFORE, rather than first thing when you wake up (which I initially didn’t agree with – but I’ve tried it and it works!)

- Craig’s homework assignment for you!

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