#043 Social Media Followers vs Email Subscribers - Which Do You Need?

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When you're measuring the success and growth of your online wellness business - what's the BEST metric to be tracking (other than sales?)

Which is a better predictor of how well you're building your following - email subscribers, or social media followers?

You don't build either of those because you want to brag about them - you do because you want to interact with your audience and create happy customers. 

Let's put the two important strategies of building an email database vs building a tribe of followers on The Instagrams, The Facebooks or The Pinterests and see which one is most important for your business.

Here's our marking criteria:

1. Which one of these will allow you to reach MORE of your followers, given that email inboxes and social news feeds are such crowded places these days?

2. Where are people more likely to be engaged by, or interact with, your message?

3. Which of these is going to be the best strategy if you want to be a part of your audience’s habits and routines around taking care of their health?

Important questions. Neither email marketing nor social media is to be IGNORED fully - but one is the clear winner, and one plays a secondary, supporting role. 

Let's find out which of these it is so you know where to put your marketing efforts and intention this year!

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