#042 Bob Burg - Use Your Business to Be A Go-Giver

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Is shifting your focus from GETTING to GIVING the most profitable way to do business?

Is giving value in advance of ASKING for anything the best way to demonstrate and prove to your audience that you actually CAN help them - and that buying from you is a safe decision?

Bob Burg - author of the AMAZING book The Go-Giver - says yes, and I agree. Bob shares his unique philosophy on business and the culture of always putting service and value FIRST...

Proving that you can be someone who helps, serves, leads with your best foot forward, has an audience of people that love you for what you do AND become hugely profitable in the process!

We spoke about:

- How to use the five laws of stratospheric success in your online wellness business to GIVE and RECEIVE on a larger scale

- The difference between price and value – and how to make something that people feel great about exchanging their money for

- Becoming more influential by considering other people’s interests first

- Why a go-giver is the MOST SUCCESSFUL type of businessperson – ever

- How you can constantly and consistently deliver exceptional value – and rely on this strategy as the most profitable strategy ever

- Why the best sales, marketing and business skills in the world don’t count for much if you don’t also bring your true, authentic self

- Homework from Bob Burg to become a better Go-Giver!

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