#041 Set This New Lifestyle Goal For 2018

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We're almost done with the first full week of the New Year - and you've probably got a great strategy and plan in place, and some goals you'd like to set. 

But there's two different lenses through which we can measure your success through 2018 - what you'll DO and ACHIEVE, and what your EXPERIENCE of each day will be like. 

So if I asked you  how many PERFECT days would you like to have this year, obviously we’d both have to admit that we want as many days as possible to be perfect - right? 

How will you know when you’ve had a perfect day? More importantly - if you don’t know WHAT a perfect day looks like, how can you be more intentional and direct in actually working towards shaping every day to be as close as possible to perfect?

Here's three big areas to seek clarity so you can create and live perfect days throughout 2018 while you're achieving, succeeding and striving. 

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