#040 Pat Rigsby - Creating Online Courses & Programs

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One of the absolute foundations of an online business is having digital products, courses and programs that your audience can buy. Pat Rigsby gives us a masterclass in how to create them...

And he's someone who has a lot of experience, having founded 25 different companies and produced around 170 different info products through those businesses. 

There's a lot of subtlety around creating a great product or course - it can seem hugely complex, but in reality if you follow a few simple rules you can build a high-value solution that is actually EASY for your audience to buy. 

We discussed:

- The different kinds of products that we can offer – and how to choose the correct price point for each

- Why the most underappreciated aspect of building a product is the AUDIENCE, and how clarity here can have an exponential impact on your success

- How to make your online course EASY for your audience to buy

- The art and skill of articulating the value of your product and how to explain to your audience clearly how it will help them

- Why the longevity of your business is built on enhanced lifetime relationships with your audience, rather than building transactions with your customers

- How to put together a curriculum for a larger product that takes all your knowledge about an area of health and directs it into the easiest learning experience for your customers

- Where Pat recommends you go for the right software to begin hosting your online courses and products

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- The preferred method that Pat uses to offer his products and build a deeper relationship with his audience and turn them into repeat customers

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