#038 Vito La Fata - Building A Brand

How do you make your wellness business stand out in a busy, crowded marketplace?

With your BRAND, your STORY, and your VALUES. All-round great guy Vito La Fata of The FitnessPreneur Life podcast joins me to talk about exactly that...

What a brand is, how you build one, what it can do for your business, what it means for your relationship with your audience...

And how long you can realistically expect this to take. Great content for you today - we spoke about:

- What is a ‘brand’ and why should you want to build one?

- Why you don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or be the first person in your market to succeed – and why you should actually be THANKFUL for competition

- How to find your values, qualities and mission that you’re going to portray to your audience that your brand can be wrapped around

- Considering your business and story from the perspective of the audience, and how this will help you build a deeper relationship with them

- Polarisation and having “For” and “Against” values as great marketing strategy

- When should you be sharing your message, mission and story – in a product? On the “About” Page of your website? In a product launch?

- What you need to know about Brand Marketing’s opposite cousin: Direct Response

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