#036 Joe Arko - The 1:1 Offer (Getting Clients)

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Want to make acquiring customers and patients a part of your online business strategy?

Grab a pen and paper, and listen to this one ALL THE WAY through. Joe Arko - fitness legend, business mentor and all-round good bloke - joins me to talk about HOW to have that conversation. 

HOW do you get your head in the game properly to speak to a potential client?

WHAT are you meant to talk about to them? Is there something better than just asking about their goals, and then telling them how you'll get them there?

Should you follow a script or not?

This was probably my favourite show of the year - and if you're in the process of finding more clients and patients, you need to hear this. 

We spoke about:

- Getting your mindset and psychology RIGHT before you sit down to talk to a potential client or patient – and how to upgrade your paradigm around money

- The ONLY six reasons why someone will choose to become a client of yours – how to recognise what it is for your prospect and craft your offer around what they WANT

- Why SOURCE MATTERS when you’re dealing with 1:1 sales, and how to think differently about people who reach out to you online

- What to do in the first few minutes with your prospect to drastically increase your rapport and potential for conversion

- Joe’s 6-Phase Selling System (which is easy to model and, in my opinion, BRILLIANT)

- How to actually ask about your audience’s goals in a way that gets them emotionally invested in that outcome – and more likely to seek your guidance and expertise

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