#035 Give Your Content A Killer First Impression

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The FIRST IMPRESSION of your content matters almost as much as how useful it is for your audience. 

You've probably heard me say it plenty of times, but the BEST way to start building a business is with better quality content - be it podcasting, blogging or writing videos. 

That first impression that you make is one that isn't hard to upgrade - but it can deliver huge results in terms of the engagement of your audience. 

Having a better introduction, opening statement, question or leading idea for your information makes it more likely to that someone will start reading, watching or listening...

And CONTINUE looking for more ways to take value from you once they're done with the particular post, video or blog that led them to you in the first place.

Our attention spans might 'only' last as long as it takes to read a headline these days - but if you understand the experience that your audience is having when they first land on your content...

You can 'tweak' it a little bit to make sure that you engage and interest them immediately (or else lose them to the internet abyss forever!)

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