#034 Alyssa Rimmer - From Side-Hustle to Main-Hustle

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Let's talk about that moment when you look at your side-hustle: the business and wisdom that you're trying to bring to the world...

And you think to yourself,Hmmmm… I’m doing well enough to devote ALL my time here. 

This is paying the bills - this is working, I’m doing it!

It's one of the greatest and most freeing moments of all time - remember graduating from college or university, or finishing school, it’s like that.

Those are the things that we’re talking about with Alyssa Rimmer of Simply Quinoa today.

To get to that point you’re going to need a strong mindset, some great patience, skill, some biz savvy around what your strategy is and how you make an offer, building a tribe around you…

Here's what Alyssa & I spoke about when it comes to building your business to the point where it can become your main-hustle (and replace the income from your 'job'):

- Why you DON’T need a solid background in the fundamentals of marketing to begin sharing your message today

(from someone who actually HAS a marketing degree - and didn't find it that useful when she started online)

- How high-quality and authentic content is WHAT YOU SOW in business, which generates traffic and then allows you to ultimately reap customers.

- What to do when you face negative comments and feedback with your content online, and how to turn your focus away from it

- When you should survey your audience and inspect what it is the market WANTS from your business – and how to put an extra spin on what’s already working to improve your engagement

- Alyssa’s three-part start-up advice for beginning to build an audience on social media platforms

- How and why to avoid discounting your products – and what to do instead so your audience still feels like they’re getting a great deal 

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