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We're trying a little somethin' somethin' different on the show today!

Today we're talking about the TOP THREE Biz Takeaways from a book called GRIT by Angela Duckworth. 

We hear the word GRIT and we think about sacrifice, about pushing through a life that might appear grim and impossibly challenging…

Grit is a mental attribute. Those who have it talk about CONSISTENCY more than INTENSITY. GRIT is about holding the same top-level goal for a very long time - and working as often and intensely as you can on the low-level stuff. 

Grit is, in my opinion, a mental trait that’s worthy of our respect and admiration, because even though it’s does not need to be dirty and cause you to live an uncomfortable, unpleasant life full of struggle and fatigue…

Here's your Top 3 Takeaways:

1. Have a Hierarchy of Goals.
Know WHICH goals you should write in permanent marker, which should be lightly pencilled in, which are a 'means to and end' and which ones you can freely abandon when the time is right

2. Warren Buffett's Rules for Prioritising
Face the fact that time and energy are LIMITED and that enthusiasm is common, whilst endurance and tenacity are rare and more important. 

3. Have the RIGHT Type of Passion 

Expecting to be able to follow one’s dream and live vision and NEVER having to rise up to meet a challenge or push yourself isn’t realistic. Passion is about knowing where you’re heading in life

Hope you enjoyed this episode, my friends! Here's a link to get a copy of Angela's book GRIT: Why Passion and Resilience Are The Secrets To Success

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