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 Here's something different for you this week...

No flash sales, no discounted products, no hype, pressure or scarcity...

Here's a call to action for you to feel BETTER about where you are on your journey to building a business right now - whether you're just starting out, beginning to build a following or crushing it. 

There's four major things that I want to share with you that will keep your mindset and emotions healthy, frustration-free and continuing to serve at your highest level:

1. There is no 'magical formula' you can discover to find success.
Just keep working the way you are right now - if you're in the game, you're in the right place. 

2. Be ok with the fact that the start of your business almost certainly won't have some killer monetisation strategy. 
You aren't going to be ROI-positive in your first few months - and that's normal. You're not doing anything wrong

3. Allow yourself a reason to develop an obsession with your vision
Know what drives you - and be OBSESSED with victory because a win for YOU can only come from doing your highest work for those you serve

4. The Boogeyman ain't all that bad.
Your job is to type, talk and click a mouse. Yes, it's hard - but let's keep things in perspective here. 

Your audience is out there waiting for you to have the patience to develop your skills, hone your message, teach them what they want to learn and create solutions that they want to buy. 

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i asked over a dozen successful online health business owners, marketing experts & business consultants if they'd share their BEST advice with you on how they'd suggest you build your following and grow your mailing list....

And they were really helpful! Click below & I'll send you a copy of their answers in a PDF called "Ask The Experts: How To Build A List"

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