030 Dr Lauren Noel - How To Acquire Clients From Your Podcast

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What is a podcast if not a value-first medium for PROVING to your audience that you can help them...

As a platform for then taking your relationship with them to the next step and turning them into your clients or customers?

Dr Lauren Noel of DrLo Radio and Shine Natural Medicine agrees - and has built her podcast to having tens of thousands of followers, millions of downloads AND bringing a steady stream of clients to her a practice. 

Getting into the right mindset and headspace for actually making an offer to someone who you've never met or spoken to can be a challenge - and Dr Noel has a few FANTASTIC truth bombs for you about YOU as an expert and believing in yourself. 

We spoke about:

- Dr Noel’s ultimate guide to getting podcast listeners to become your clients and patients

- Speaking tips and how to be engaging & easy to listen to on a podcast that Dr Noel learnt from some of the world’s greatest speakers

- Why the most important key to long-term success (and building an audience) is your ability to be consistent with creating usable, valuable content

- How getting caught in ‘the comparison trap’ with other experts’ businesses is an easy way to find frustration, kill your motivation – and what you should focus on instead

- Feelings of inadequacy, not feeling qualified enough or like you have enough skill to share your message online – and why those who are great successes got there by ignoring that self-doubt (not because they didn’t hear it)

- Why it’s ok to not be a great podcaster, speaker or interviewer when you first begin your show – and how you can accelerate your learning and competence

- How Dr Noel found a sponsor for her show – and her advice for sourcing your own without feeling like you’re “Selling Out” for your audience

- The importance of being excited for the challenge of building and learning something new, and why you should focus on opportunity rather than discomfort

- The creative process for designing your first online product – and where to look for inspiration for what you’ll teach and offer

Hosted by David White of thedavidwhite.com

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