#028 SuperHealthyKids - Zero To Millions Of Fans

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How do you build a business from a simple idea for a product, and a humble blog with a few readers, into an enormous empire with millions of followers?

Amy Roskelley & Natalie Monson, co-owners of SuperHealthyKids, say that you do it with persistence, consistency and ALWAYS seeing what we might consider 'competition' as opportunity and abundance. 

There's SO MUCH to love and model about what SHK is doing with their social media, content and how they're creating multiple streams of revenue with their knowledge and expertise in nutrition and parenting.

We spoke about:

- Why there’s so much space on the internet for your expert message, and why it’s never good for your mindset to worry too much about ‘competition’ in your space.

- How Amy started SuperHealthyKids the RIGHT way: with an idea for a product, and the goal of building an audience before the business was truly ‘ready’ to become profitable

- How your first few sales – even though they might not make you financially independent – are PROOF of your concept and allow you to learn your greatest lessons in business

- Why it’s easy as an influencer to think that you’re the most important part of your business – and how it’s BETTER to think that people DO or DON’T come to your business for the quality of information you present, rather than how they think about you

- Why it’s to important to NEVER let comparison with others ahead of you on the journey dictate how you feel about your own ability to share your message

- How you take advantage of opportunities and create your OWN luck by being on the field and getting more deeply involved in the game

- The importance of listening to your audience and always seeking to have greater understanding and empathy for their circumstances and journey

- The importance of being consistent with all areas of your business – messaging, content production, values and the way you share with your audience

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