#026 Liam Donnelly - Inception Marketing

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There's nothing more powerful than an idea - and when it comes to creating ideas and beliefs in your audience's mind that makes them feel like they CAN achieve their result...

That they KNOW the best path to tread to get what they want...

And that you're able to help them find their ultimate desired outcome...

Your message can go to the next level. Marketing expert Liam Donnelly joins us this week to discuss how to upgrade your audience's beliefs and ideas about THEMSELVES and what to expect along their journey in a unique and interesting way. 

We also discussed:

- The reason why most people DON’T ever get to take their products, programs and courses to market – and what you must know about the “Beginning” of your journey to begin finding initial success

- How we all have pre-determined beliefs and models of how we view the world – and especially wellness – and how to upgrade your audience’s decisions around taking action for their health.

- Why nobody wants to be told what to do – especially when trying to overcome health challenges – and how to help your customers own the decision to take control for themselves

- The power in asking your current clients and patients what it was that actually made them decide to hire you as their expert – and use that idea as the foundation of your marketing

- Where the biggest opportunities for wellness experts online will be as the internet develops

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