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Influence is all about YOU, YOUR STORY and what you stand for. According to YouTube and fitness icon Elliott Hulse, there's no trickery or strategic language patterns needed. 

Your audience will be a mirror of yourself, and you MUST have a strong sense of self so you can share what your journey has been like in order to inspire and lead others. 

The greatest and most influential story you can share with others is "I used to be a LOSER, and the I discovered something. Here's how it has helped me, and here's how it works".

Never be afraid to share how your challenges and struggles have shaped you - stand in your truth and OWN IT. 

We spoke about: 

-The three-part story method that can be an excellent template for YOU to build influence with your message around offering your courses, services and products

- Why it’s so important to have a strong sense of self and identity in order to allow your values and message to become the focal point of your message

- How your audience is really a mirror of yourself, and you should speak to them as if you’re speaking to a part of YOU rather than projecting your voice onto a different person

- The art of polarisation in business and how to express your ideas and what you see as the best path for your audience – without making someone else or another expert’s opinion sound WRONG

- When it’s RIGHT to share your shortcomings, vulnerabilities and failures so people who are struggling with those same obstacles on their journey can be more receptive to you.

- The actual value, significance and importance of the influence that a well-trained health expert can have upon others, and how you can NEVER overestimate just how important your work is

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