#022 Vince Delmonte - Build A Health Business with YouTube

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One of the most popular and successful YouTube health experts around, Vince Delmonte, shares his expertise and wisdom around how to build a business based on service and goodwill with YouTube. 

If you're interested in using video in your business, there is SO MUCH to learn from watching Vince and modelling his best practices. And, luckily, the truth is that you DON'T need hundreds of thousands of followers to become profitable and successful. 

If you're wondering where you should start, we talk about that. If you're wondering how to get your videos watched, we cover that. If you're wondering whether you should make short videos (because everyone's attention span is 'so short' these days), we hit that too!

You'll learn:

  • The mindset of a great leader and how to become a more influential force upon your audience’s lives
  • Why you shouldn’t be concerned with getting more subscribers or followers UNTIL you get clarity on your business model and how you’ll serve your audience
  • Why it’s important to have focus on the operational side of your business, rather than attempt to compare yourself to someone else in your field
  • Getting your audience to see, understand and believe what YOU believe about health as the foundation of your marketing
  • Why it’s a MYTH that you need to make shorter videos – and proven by science!
  • Why the last minute of the video can be the most profitable – and what you should say in that precious time

If you want to see more of Vince, he's most active on The Facebooks, The Instagrams and (of course) The Youtubes!

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