#021 4 Step Content Production Calendar (Share Yourself)

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I've got a confession to make! Earlier this week I was checking out some of the websites of my email subscribers... 

And one thing I noticed as a common trend was well-written "About" pages sharing your credentials, certifications and qualifications, but - and if I'm honest here - not enough of what's even MORE important...

Your content - delivered consistently, and put right in front of your audience on your site! And I know why that is - three totally valid reason:

1. It takes time to create, which is mentally hard when you don't have tens of thousands of followers. I get it. 

2. Sometimes you don't *want* to give your hard-earned, most useful tools and strategies away for free. I get that, too. 

3. Mental blocks. What the heck are you supposed to write about? This one was the main reason why I wasn't more consistent back in the day of running my own health business. 

So let's solve all that now - grab your pen and paper because I'm sharing a four-step method that you can use to put together an entire content calendar for the entire year for yourself!

Because NOTHING tells your audience "I can help you get what you want, you should trust me and become a customer or client" than by GIVING them something that actually helps them in advance of making an offer. 

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