#020 Rachel Guy - Build Your Business Around The People You Serve


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Rachel Guy - The Athletic Fox - joins us for a fascinating investigation into the importance in business (ESPECIALLY when you're sharing health info) on having great empathy and understanding for your audience. 

Rachel has grown into a huge online thought leader and expert in the area of women's health since launching her Athletic Fox Blueprint in 2014, and joins us to talk about...

- How to get your head around transitioning from working 1:1 with your patients & clients to creating 'one-size-fits-all' programs and product (yes, they CAN be done and done well!)

- Why the perfectionist's lie is that it's a requirement to have your business & systems set up and running perfectly BEFORE you can start sharing your message online

- The awareness Rachel ALWAYS had for her clients & customers of what their journey was like, and how you must create solutions for them that are accessible and enjoyable

- How to 'upgrade' your language to improve on your skills, self-belief, engagement and ability to learn and progress in business

You can (hint: you 'should) check out Rachel's new project, The Catalyst Method, and how she's marketing and promoting it at thecatalystmethod.com

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