#019 Getting Known Through Blogging, Podcasting & Videos

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What do the most successful & famous health experts online become known for - and what helps them build their audience?

What's the 'main thing' that keeps people interested in their business, and following their message?

The free content that you produce to enhance your audience's lives - through blogging, podcasting and/or making videos - builds your name...

NOT your promotions, products, launches, webinars, seminars, masterminds, or events. 

How do you become world-class at your chosen skill - writing, speaking or making videos - and allow that to be your pathway to building a huge online wellness business?

1. Know - with great certainty - all the factors involved in the skill you're trying to master

2. Review yourself and give critical feedback

3. Teach others what you're learning for greater clarity

It's through the act of TEACHING, GIVING and ENGAGING that we become known. Let it be important to you to be great at delivering your message, no matter what your medium.

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