#018 Sean Croxton - The Foundation of a Business is The Mind That Builds It


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Sean Croxton, host of The Quote of the Day Show and founder of Underground Wellness and The JERF Bar, joins us to drop HUGE truth bombs about the psychology of business, entrepreneurship, and generosity. 

Sean's philosophy has ALWAYS been that the foundation of a business is the mind that builds it - and it's been through service, seeking to help others and GIVING that he's found success online. 

You'll hear Sean's story in a way you probably haven't heard before, and what's shaped HIS mind as a leader in our field, and what he thinks are the most important mindsets for health entrepreneurs and business owners. 

We also spoke about:

- The importance of listening to your OWN intuition and wisdom in delivering your greatest service as a business owner

- How Sean learnt about generosity and the importance of giving - and how that led to some of the most successful product launches and promotions in the online health space

- How to answer that gnawing feeling when you have a creative urge to do something greater with your professional career and take action in spite of fear

- Why you should use modelling in your business to find other successful experts who you can learn from

- Coping when you know that it’s time to ‘destroy’ who you are to allow yourself to grow into who you can be


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