#015 Michael Fishman - Drivers of Desire


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You may never have heard the name Michael Fishman before, but behind the scenes of the online health world he's renowned for mentoring some of the biggest & most successful brands. 

Michael joins us this week to discuss his "Drivers of Desire" concept - or 'How to know what people want to buy, and how to tell 'em you've got it". 

WOW, did we cover a lot more in this episode! We also spoke about:

- Why compassion in your marketing is supposed to make your audience feel UNDERSTOOD, not just 'understand you'

- How to make your messaging more believable, credible and easier for your audience to act upon to creating lasting change for their lives & health

- Why it's important to speak your audience's language rather than use medical or technical jargon - and how DOING THAT helps your audience overcome their feelings of insufficiency

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