#014 Teaching Keystone Habits



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Over 40% of an average person's actions are HABITUAL, rather than deliberate or conscious. 

Shifting your audience's behaviour by teaching them keystone habits - which are the keys to unlocking the doorway to greater change - is one of the most important skills experts can have. 

Tony Robbins does it by telling you to 'get in a beautiful state'. Dr John Demartini does it by teaching gratitude. For Mel Robbins it's the 5 Second Rule, for Jen Sincero it's to Love Yourself, for Dr Daniel Amen it's Brain Envy.

How do YOU teach Keystone Habits, then?

I've got three big ideas for you to use in your marketing and communication:

1. Identify the keystone habit that YOUR audience needs

2. Find the emotional platform for the habit to take root

3. Give your audience 'triggers' to start the 'habit process'


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