#013 Dr Sachin Patel - Share Your Unique & Authentic Voice


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Dr Sachin Patel of The Living Proof Institute joins us this week for a hugely insightful and strategic investigation into the current landscape of health, business, and sharing your expert knowledge. 

As an author, functional medicine expert, student of business and coach to practitioners, Dr Patel brings a unique perspective on topics such as money mindset, why now is the most perfect time in all of history to build a health business with SCALE, and a few ideas around "The Average Perfect Day"

We spoke about...

- The process Dr Patel used to find a unique niche for himself in the wellness/personal development space

- The small hinges that swing big doors in business, and how to develop practices that improve your growth and development

- Why your lifestyle and the things that you do unconsciously as someone who understands healthy living can be your best sources of content

- Why you should be using case studies as a health expert – and what happens in your audience’s mind when they see what it’s like to work with you

- Why having a strong money mindset means getting paid what you’re worth MORE than earning as much money as possible

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