#012 Reed Davis - Purpose & Legacy In Business

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This week on The Business of Health podcast we're joined by Reed Davis - the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and someone whose mindset around building a business, following passion and purpose is worth modelling!

Reed shares his insights and experience into what he has noticed is the major factor that separates those who become professionally successful as health experts from those who don't, as well as...

- Reed’s early days as a health expert and an insight into the surprising journey & mindset that went into building Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

- His main advice for business owners and health practitioners trying to build a business

- How structure, discipline and time management allowed Reed to educate himself, generate thousands of clients and build his health expert’s business even when he had young children

- Why your greatest growth will come from dedicating time to tasks that are important, but not urgent

- The process, dedication to service and feedback that took FDNfrom a course that had 19 foundation students to educating over 3,000 experts

Interested in learning more about the FDN approach to wellness? You can text the word "David" to 805-467-0057 for a free guide to FDN’s method and approach. 

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