#011 Polarisation: Your #1 Marketing Tool

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If I asked you what the most powerful aspect of marketing - for any business - is, and what part of your message actually causes your audience to LIKE and TRUST you, what do you think it would be?

When you begin speaking to your audience, what do you think it is that you’ll say or emphasise that magnetically attracts people into your universe of sharing advice about how they can have greater levels of health and wellbeing?

What is that thing about YOU as someone who has a message to share that will ultimately build a loyal, passionate and vibrant following?

The most powerful marketing tool you have to share is POLARISATION….

It’s your ability to draw a line in the sand and to say I am NOT grey, I am black or white, I stand for these values and these virtues, I stand AGAINST these mistruths and approaches to wellness, and if you’re with me then I can serve you.

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