#010 Jen Wittman - Build A 6-Figure Business By Breaking The Rules


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Do you REALLY need a #1 New-York Times selling book to achieve great success? Do you NEED to appear on video if you don't want to?

According to Jen Wittman - business coach, Mindful Maverick, former successful online health biz owner (and inappropriate giggler) - no, you don't. 

On today's episode you'll discover:

- Why it’s important to share your own story of discovery of wellness and why it shows people that there is hope for normal people with health challenges

- Why you shouldn’t be afraid to say NO to things that challenge you in business – provided they are not important to your audience and your community and where they ‘live’ online

- How it’s ok not to do ‘Everything’ – write books, do webinars, have a YouTube channel etc… And why it’s ok to leverage someone else’s work

- How to learn faster by modelling others instead of reinventing the wheel. There’s nothing new under the sun – the best way to learn is to find successful people showing up in business the way YOU want to, and study them.

- A deep dive into the psychology of buying, selling, exchanging value for transformation and knowing what sorts of results you can get so you charge what you’re actually worth

You can find more from Jen at mindfulmavericks.com - and she's got a special present for the listeners of The Business of Health show! Grab that at mindfulmavericks.com/gift

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