#008 MJ Demarco - The Process Principle (There Are No Shortcuts)


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This week we have one of my FAVOURITE authors of all time joining us to share some truth bombs and new mindsets around business, entrepreneurship and building your dream biz. 

MJ Demarco - author of the legendary Millionaire Fastlane - is on the show to talk...

- The Process Principle, and why it is only through extraordinary efforts and doing things DIFFERENTLY that we can achieve extraordinary results

- Why health and wellness experts do MORE for their customer's 'wealth' than we could ever measure in monetary terms...

- How to derive your passion from your vision and allow it to flow within you - rather than expect it to come from your daily work activities in building something new

- Why the 'high barrier to entry' of creating an online business means OPPORTUNITY - and how the HARDER your journey is, the faster you can get rich

(Notice that there is a direct correlation between get-rich-quick and challenge - most would agree that it is, in fact, possible to get rich QUICK, although that requires a lot of work and is not to be confused with it's evil cousin - get rich EASY)

You can find MJ at mjdemarco.com

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