#004 Lori Kennedy - Imposter Syndrome & The Entrepreneur's Mind


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Lori Kennedy of The Wellness Business Hub joins us to share her journey from qualified nutritionist who struggled to attract clients to her into marketing & business expert. 

As someone who's spent her fair share of time, money and effort learning - and teaching - the ropes of how to run a successful online business, Lori shares:

- The idea of Imposter Syndrome and why it's important for you to deliberately portray yourself as IMPERFECT to your audience (so they can relate to you)

- Why it's important to own your calendar, structure your day properly and have 'themes' to your time

- How to protect your entrepreneurial mindset, dreams and goals when others around you can't see the same vision and future that you do

- Why it's important to RUN towards things that cause you fear and learn skills that challenge and stretch you to be successful

Find more about Lori at thewellnessbusinesshub.com, or on her biz page on The Facebooks!

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