#003 Deanna Minich - Looking Within

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Dr Deanna Minich - author of five wellness books, founder of Food & Spirit and host of The Detox Summit - joins us for our FIRST wellness business owner interview. 

In my humble opinion, very few people do 'community' like Dr Minich - and what she's managed to create at Food & Spirit is nothing short of remarkable. 

A brilliant author, thinker and communicator, Deanna shares her thoughts with us on:

- How her business evolved from 1:1 coaching into a flourishing community and practitioner certification program

- Her beliefs on looking WITHIN for the right answers & path to success, as well as accepting outside expert advice & guidance

- Why she's so big on doing surveys & quizzes on her audience - and what it means when you truly understand the EXPERIENCE your audience is having. 

You can see what Dr Minich is up to at deannaminich.com, and check out her coaching program at foodandspirit.com

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