#002 Dave Ruel - Productive Action Plan


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On the show's FIRST interview with a business expert we are joined by Dave Ruel of daveruel.com - the self-titled lifestyle entrepreneur and an advisor to many health business owners. 

(Adult Language Warning: there's plenty of that in this show, so consider yourself warned. Use headphones if there are childrens around you!)

We're talking about:

- The importance of productivity and how to keep your focus for maximum output

- Masterminding, networking and connecting with fellow experts for accelerated growth of your business

- How Dave managed to build & grow his health business - The Muscle Cook - to a huge brand and release a cookbook that STILL sells today (years after he first launched it). 

- Why there is NO shortcut to success, and how to eliminate the idea of "hacking" your way to success. 

Side note on that last point: After we'd wrapped up this interview, Dave actually encouraged me to allow myself the time and grace to work on, and build, this podcast.... for 2-3 YEARS.

That's the sort of long-term thinking and latitude you should allow yourself - even though you should expect results much faster than that if you use his Productive Action Plan.

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