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It's the very first episode of The Business of Health - I'm your host David White, and let's do some training and talking about building a wellness business online!

Today we're talking about four important agreements to make to yourself if you'd like to do what only those with big dreams and goals can imagine...

Build something that really matters

Because you know that if your clients, customers and patients made these same agreements, they'd stand a much greater chance of achieving what they desire...

So let's start with a discussion about where you need to be mentally to make it happen:

1. I agree to find my path, and build my competency, through ACTION - not knowledge, theory or contemplation

There's two paths to creation: Over-preparation and under-preparation. 

Those who over-prepare live in experience of never quite feeling ready, and allow that to stop them from taking action...

And those who under-prepare live the experience of taking action despite never quite feeling ready. 

You know their names BECAUSE they took action - and if you look back at their early work on their YouTube channels, podcasts and blogs you'll find that they began imperfectly.

Great people become great on camera, speaking in front of an audience or writing from getting started and building their competence that way. You can't get good on camera by reading books.

2. I agree to forfeit my reliance upon the need for comfort

(Because the antagonist to change and growth is comfort)

Let's face it - if you haven't learnt something, tried a new venture or built a new habit it's almost certainly because you don't feel comfortable doing it - and that's ok. Your success as a business owner, a student, and expert, and as a person is going to hinge upon how often you take action across the void between comfort and challenge.

3. I agree to maintain and preserve my dreams and goals despite challenges and obstacles - today and in the future

Your success WILL come from finding a way to bring full energy and enthusiasm to something that you don't quite know how to do, or that isn't getting you results right away, or that you struggle with. 

Great people - smart people who have something important to share with the world - don't try and achieve great things if they let reality persuade them that it's not possible.

4. I agree to the inherent risk in trying anything new

Because the ultimate risk...

Is to hope that you'll feel fulfilled at the end of your life if you let moments of opportunity and calling pass you by. 

Here's what's coming up over the next few months on The Business of Health!

  • MJ Demarco - author of The Millionaire Fastlane - is going to speak about the importance of having a strong business mindset, and how those who CREATE value in magnitude and scale can get rich quick
    (Which is NOT a term to be confused with 'get rich easy')
  • Lori Kennedy of The Wellness Business Hub will join us to talk about overcoming imposter syndrome, what she's learnt from spending tens of thousands of dollars on coaching with some industry leaders, and how to start something new when nobody around you believes in what you can see
  • Dr Sachin Patel of The Living Proof Institute talks about how the patient/practitioner relationship is an 80%/20% deal - and how the wellness industry in the 21st century is PERFECTLY set up to allow us to inspire huge change amongst our audience
  • Sean Croxton - host of The Quote of the Day Show - is going to share how he developed one of the strongest business mindsets I've ever encountered to build - and walk away from - Underground Wellness
  • Reed Davis of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition will share his early days of hustle finding clients, and what he's seen has set apart the highest-achieving health experts in our industry over the last decade or so
  • Samantha Gladish of Holistic Wellness (who has one of the best websites I've ever seen) joins us to talk about asking the RIGHT questions in your business, how to turn website visitors into clients and the importance of having an "FTE" (you'll learn what that means in next week's interview with MJ Demarco)
  • Michael Fishman - legendary advisor to more fitness & wellness business owners than anyone else I know - shares the concept of "Drivers of Desire" with us and explains how to keep your soul as your business expands - and why that makes all the difference to your audience

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