How To Build A Successful Online Health Business For Under $100/Week

First of all...

Wasting money sucks, right?

Luckily you don't have to if you want to build a successful online health business.

You want to earn MORE for your wisdom and expertise as a wellness coach by serving MORE people...

But at the same time, you don't want to waste money on stuff that you really don't need. 

Good news #1:

A $20,000 bespoke website isn't really going to give you an advantage - seriously. Not one bit.

You don't need to build an app to get customers and make them happy.

You can launch a REALLY good Youtube channel or podcast without creating a recording studio. 

In fact...

NOT ONE of the successful wellness experts with online businesses that I've interviewed on my podcast has ever said that they 'made it' because they spent their way to success. 

Good News #2 is there are really only four things you actually *NEED* to get started...

Good News #3 is that there are dozens & dozens of companies out there vying to create the most affordable, easy-to-use solution for new online startups. 

So, if you have $100 a week to spend on building an online biz, where should you start?

1) Your Website...

Which obviously should not be ghetto. 

Only two rules really need apply here:

  • Use a template for EVERYTHING

  • Make sure it works on mobiles and tablets as well as on an actual computer
    (most people are browsing on their phones these days, so you don't want your website to be totally unusable for most people)

Let's talk about templates because really...

How many webpages do you need on your site? 

A homepage, an about page, a blog and (later on) something called a "Landing Page" a sales page for a product. 

Count 'em, that's five. The most important ones at the start are your homepage & your blog.

Luckily almost all good website softwares do all the work of creating a blog for you - so that's easy. You click a button and start writing.

(or, if you would rather be a Youtuber or Podcaster - which I suggest you do - then you embed your video or episode onto your blog like this)

Then there's your homepage. I built mine in under an hour by following a template - and I'd be stunned if it took you longer than that. 

You chuck a photo of yourself at the top (make sure it's clear that your website is about health stuff, so be doing something healthy!)...

 And then you present something called your LEAD MAGNET below that (which we'll talk about in a second - again, there are templates for all this)...

Then you put your most recent blog posts below that. 

And you're done. 

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How much does all this cost?

Well, I have two recommendations:

1. OptimizePress...

Which is around $97-$197 to get - oh, and you pay that ONCE. Not ongoing...

And you can probably expect to spend a whole $20 for a really good homepage template that you can fill out yourself. 

Or if you want to go absolutely crazy, you could probably spend $50 here and there to hire someone off Fiverr to do all the tech stuff or you when you need it done. 

2. Kajabi...

Which is what this website is hosted on - and my recommendation because it actually does everything else we speak about on this blog post (which we'll get to in just a moment). 

Expect to pay $97/month if you sign up for at least a year. 

So we're up to $25 a week, max, for a done-for-you website that works. 

You're in business. You're online, legit and you have a website - but what else do you need?

2) Products & Content

Surely this costs a LOT to do, right?

Making an online product must be expensive AF. Surely. 

Making good YouTube videos or Podcasts must cost truckloads. Surely. 

Yeah - they probably could bust your budget to go high-end...

But it will make a 0% difference in how much money you make. And I have the math to prove it!

Let's talk about products first...


One of my early mentors was a very, very successful online health expert who is an interesting case study for this: 

This person made three products over three years that each required a film crew of 3 people, who needed to be flown around the country to record the content for this product. 

Then the hours and hours of film needed to be professionally edited - more money. 

All of them were great products, no doubt. They sold for between $50-$100. 

About 7% of people who were involved in the 'launch' of these ended up buying - which was a lot of people, and they were great products. 

Recently this very same expert made a DIFFERENT kind of product about something different...

It was taught live over Zoom - from their house - with one sales page, one FB group and a film crew of zero. 

How much did THAT one sell for?


4-freakin'-times as much.

And again about 7% of everyone who saw the launch ended up buying. 

I say this purely to impress upon you that you don't have to spend a bunch of money to make a great product.

The second health product I ever made years ago was filmed in my bedroom with a camera on a tripod balancing on my bed...

Some lights I got for like $200 on Amazon...

And a whiteboard I stuck against the wall. 

Nobody cared (or knew) that I was in my bedroom, that it was summer and lights are really hot and that I was super sweaty. 

Nobody cared! It sold just fine, and nobody asked for their money back (Also, I wore a black shirt so nobody could see how sweaty 'super sweaty' can be). 

The NEXT product I made, I filmed it on my computer over slides. Works just fine, too. 

So product creation? Zero dollars. 

Which brings us to CONTENT - making podcasts, blogging, or creating YouTube videos. 

I'll tell you straight away that podcasting is the only one of these that costs any money to actually do. 

I use LibSyn, which works out to the huge sum of $20/month, and for that I can upload up to 400MB of audio every month. 

I've never even gotten close to that much audio, by the way - and I do two episodes per week. 

(NOTE: Want to learn how to start your own health podcast - even if nobody has ever heard of you? Get my new book, Podcasting For Health Experts, for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to begin yours in as little as 7 days!)

Blogging is free, and I'm hoping that if you've read this far into a blog post about starting an online business...

You have a computer you can use to write one out, so we don't need to factor that in. 

I will also mention here that blogging is my least favourite form of Content Marketing because nobody will 'find' your blog, but people ARE searching YouTube and iTunes every day for stuff that they can consume. 

YouTube is also free - in fact, it can be better than that if you start to build a following and let them run ads on your videos and share in their profits. 

Do you need an expensive camera? Actually, no - if you have a phone that is less than 2 years old...

The camera on that is probably better-quality than anything you'd have bought for less than $1,000 some five years ago.

So you're good. 

Let's say maybe once a year you splash out a little and buy yourself a little somethin' somethin' to make your content better. 

You get a better camera, or a good microphone, or some lights for your YouTube video. What's that gonna average out to be, $20 a week?

So we're up to $45 a week. Let's keep going. 

3) Email Autoresponder & CRM

Here's what is next: You need an email list...

1. Which means you need something to 'get' people's emails as they sign up to become a subscriber of yours...

2. You need somewhere to keep them...

3. And you need some kind of way to email those people. 

Again, there are approximately forty million companies trying to be the easiest & most affordable way to do those three things so they can win you over as a customer. 

(Forty million is not a real number, by the way, but there are heaps). 

Enter the Email Autoresponder & CRM - your tool to get email subscribers, email 'em when they sign up, email them when you have news or whatever, and figure out which ones have bought stuff from you. 

So how much is one of these? Let's look at three options:

1. Mailchimp...

Which you've probably heard of (and is a pain in the butt and super ghetto). 

It's also free (or $10/month when you get to 2,000 email subscribers)...

But that doesn't mean it is good because as your biz grows you'll realise it's pretty limited in what you can do with it. 

You'd be better off with...

2. AWeber...

Which starts out at $19/month - or $29 if you have 500-2,500 email subscribers.

And it's good.

You'll be able to use it for a long time, which is important...

Because there's nothing worse than figuring out how something like Mailchimp works...

Then realising that it's a pain in the butt, super clunky & doesn't do much stuff - and having to learn something totally new. 

3. Kajabi

Which makes it's second appearance...

And again it gets my vote because learning how to get your OptimizePress website to talk to your AWeber is unnecessary tech stuff you don't need. 

Better to keep everything in one place, only have to learn one thing, and save yourself the hassle. 

If you're with Kajabi we're still at $45 a week - if you want to use AWeber we're at $50. 

What else is left?

4) Traffic

This is the one that EVERYONE forgets to factor in - because we didn't say "Starting A Business For Under $100 A Week" in the name of this blog. 

We said starting a SUCCESSFUL business - which means you need people to actually know that you exist and can help them.

Question: If you need a computer, where do you go to get one?

The store where they sell computers, right? Amazon or Apple or wherever.

Same thing with food, clothes and furniture.

You go to the store where they sell it.

So if you need people to visit your website, your content and see your products, where do you go?

The store where they sell website traffic - or "The Facebooks".  

At the moment you can run an ad to a really good blog post, or an embedded podcast or YouTube video on your blog, and have that in front of a thousand people for $5-$10. 

Some of them will like what they see, consume regularly and love what you teach.

Some of THEM will become email subscribers of yours...

and some will eventually buy one of your products. 

How interesting. 

So we've got $50-odd dollars left in your budget. Let's divide that down to $7 a day on Facebook, we'd be getting around 7,000 people seeing your ads.

Yes, we're spending half your budget on advertising - here's why: 

If you know how to write a good Facebook post (here's a quick training on how to do that) and you boost it...

You could be getting a hundred people visiting your site in a week!

Some of them will come back again for more - so the next week you might have 125 visitors. 

Some of them might like your stuff so much they share it with their friends, so in week three... Who knows?

Maybe someone who is a big name in your space finds out, and shares it with THEIR audience of tens of thousands...

But what we 100% know for certain is that if you go to the shop where they sell traffic and you pay for it...

You will get traffic. 

We ALSO know that if you're really serious but you DON'T get started, and if you don't know how much you're supposed to spend and you let that stop you, you won't sell a damn thing or help anyone.

$100 a week, and you can do it. 

Enjoyed this? There's more - check this out!

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